LITTER DRYER “MIKADEZ” for pig breeding

Pig farming is a livestock industry, which is highly promising and profitable. Pigs are very productive animals. For one farrowing sow can give birth to 10 to 12 piglets. The average weigh of the six-month pig is about 110 kg. Many people believe that pig farming is quite troublesome and time-consuming business. What is important is expert approach, and taking care of livestock.

Production efficiency can be increased by improving animal keeping conditions. As a result, the cost of feeding the animal are reduced, productivity is increased, the risk of illness and death of pigs decreased.

Today there are different methods and techniques for pigs. They all have specific features and characteristics. The main determining the choice of system and process pig housing factors are: specificity and direction of farms and private households, the type of pigsty, climatic conditions, the technology used in production.


The conditions of piglets keeping

It should be noted that the conditions of of piglets keeping in private households and on farms have their differences. But in both cases it is necessary to make every effort to create favorable conditions for the animals. It is  need to develop the right diet for piglets,  monitor the temperature and humidity in a pigsty. In addition, you must pay attention to the lighting and ventilation. To maintain the cleanliness and disinfection recommend using special litter dryers. Thus, you will protect your livestock and get the maximum profit.

The conditions of animal keeping may also differ depending on the type of farm. For example in breeding farms it is necessary to create all conditions for a strong and healthy offspring, the productivity  of pigs are important here. Farms for meat production are focused on fattening pigs. The main task – to achieve the maximum weight of the animals at the lowest cost of feeding. Dryers for litter can significantly improve the conditions of piglets keeping in solving any task. They have a disinfectant, antiseptic and warming effect.


The floors in the pigsty

To the pigs did not suffer, all the keeping conditions must be as comfortable as possible. On the floors in the pigsty is necessary to pay special attention. The most important thing – the safety of the animals. Therefore, the floor should be firm, flat, wear-resistant, warm, easy to clean and not slippery. Cracks in the floor are unacceptable, rodents can reproduce there. The floors are made of different materials such as concrete, wood, clay, plastic, brick. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, concrete has a high resistance to wear and will last at least 15 years, but this material is not suitable for pigs farming. Plastic – available at a price, suitable for pigs, but the material is often crack and break. Wood has low thermal conductivity, but it is very much absorbs the smell and with it the evaporation of ammonia. Thus, floors can be made of different materials. It is important to pay attention to the litter mat. Often pathogenic bacteria that cause disease in piglets can reproduce there . To avoid this, it is recommended to use special dryers for litter. They absorb all the excess moisture, disinfect and promote healing of wounds in animals.


The litter for piglets

As the litter often use straw, peat or sawdust. Whatever the litter, it must meet certain requirements. First of all, it should be dry, soft and clean. Piglets should be comfortable being located on it. If the litter is wet or dirty, it must be replaced. To improve the water-holding capacity properties use a special dryer for litter. It improves hygienic conditions, absorbs ammonia vapor, fights pathogenic bacteria.


The temperature of the piglets keeping

Piglets necessarily need heat, they are very hard to tolerate drafts and cold. The most comfortable temperature for the piglets – 22-24 degrees, whereas for fattening pigs it is sufficient 14-19 degrees. Piglets need litter, or they may be ill.


The litter dryers for piglets

The litter of piglets should be not only dry, but also clean. To do this, use dryers for litter. Today the most effective is drier “Mikadez”, produced by “Globus”. It is a versatile, environmentally friendly product from minerals and herbal ingredients, which are widely used in animal production. “Mikadez” absorbs excess moisture, disinfects, warms piglets, promotes healing of wounds, eliminates the smell of ammonia. In addition, “Mikadez” promotes rapid healing of the umbilical cord, reduces the risk of death of animals. Litter dryer “Mikadez” – an indispensable tool for newborn piglets.