MIKASIL is the new multi-functional product that has the ability to bind mycotoxins, which molecules are both positive and negative charge. Most adsorbents can inactivate only positively charged mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins. The presence of mesopores and ability to bind not only positive, but  ... MORE


MIKAMUN is a new multifunctionaldrug that combines properties of the adsorbent of mycotoxins, hepatoprotective and fungistatic, it contains trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and is designed to improve the digestibility of feed and protect against  free radicals. MORE


МИКАDEZ - desiccant of litter, dry hygienic means for the improvement of sanitary and hygienic conditions of all kinds of animals and birds. Recommended for use when increasing the risk of infections - in the pre- and postnatal periods in hygienic conditions of all kinds of animals and birds.  MORE


MIKASAN - disinfectant with broad-spectrum action for treatment rooms both in the absence and in the presence of poultry and animals. Has antimicrobial activity against pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria and fungi, eliminates emission of harmful gases from the litter, binds any extra moisture ... MORE