Team of the research and production company Globus together with leading Ukrainian and foreign experts have successfully completed work on improving of mycotoxins adsorbent Mikasil.

Carried out extensive research allowed to reach a new level of quality in the field of adsorption and enhance the mycotoxins adsorbent Mikasil more than 3 times!!

The new Mikasil has the ability to bind mycotoxins, which molecules are both positive and negative charge. Most adsorbents can inactivate only positively charged mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins. The presence of mesopores and ability to bind not only positive, but negative charged mycotoxins makes Mikasil best adsorbent of mycotoxins.

Formulation: gray powder.

Active ingredient: nano-dispersed amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2) – 90%

PROPERTIES: new Mikasil can strongly bind, inactivate and excrete the entire spectrum of existing mycotoxins with their diverse physical and chemical properties. Thus Mikasil is inert to the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Indications for use: the contamination of feed by mycotoxins, prevention and treatment of acute and chronic mycotoxicoses of all kinds of farm animals and poultry, intoxication by harmful and dangerous substances, as an adjuvant in the treatment of acute intestinal infectious diseases, including diarrhea, feed poisoning, salmonellosis etc.


APPLICATION OF Mikasil provides:

a highly efficient adsorption of all known mycotoxins;

efficient binding of a number of pathogenic bacteria and viruses;

rapid therapeutic effect due to the high sorption capacity, in contrast to previous generations of porous adsorbents;

improvement of the intestinal microflora, the restoration of structural and functional state of the digestive system and strengthen of the immune system;

improvement of performance and quality of livestock and poultry products; reduction in mortality, elimination of symptoms of intoxication, diarrhea.

Mikasil not only saves the level of drugs, vitamins, macro- and microelements included in the feed, but also provides their prolonged action, thereby improving feed efficiency.

Mikasil is non-toxic, safe for humans, animals and the environment does not cause damage to equipment.

Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture. Packaging: 12.5 kg paper bags with a plastic liner.

The adsorbents are characterized by three kinds of pores that differ in diameter. Pores with the largest diameter is called macropores, the lowest – micropores while pores with a diameter of medium size – mesopores. The secret of the best adsorbent mycotoxins is the predominance of mesopores over other types of pores. Scientists have found that the vitamins are adsorbed by macropores, amino acids and trace elements by micropores and mycotoxins mostly by mesopores. Therefore, an effective mycotoxins adsorbent should have a lot of mesopores, and be completely devoid of macro and micropores. The proportion of mesopores in improved adsorbent mycotoxins Mikasil granules is 100%, whereas the macropores – 0% micropores and – 0%. It is the optimal ratio of pore diameter makes Mikasil the best of the mycotoxins adsorbents represented on the world market.


Physicochemical characteristics The improved adsorbent Mikasil Ordinary adsorbents
Mesopores 100 % Not more then 30 %
Macropores and micropores Less then 10% More then 50%
Adsorption of the positively charged mycotoxins Yes Yes
The adsorption of negatively charged mycotoxins Yes No


We do not stand still!

Our team has successfully completed a number of studies on the creation of improved effective mycotoxins adsorbent Mikasil. During the research we had new ideas for further improvement of the adsorbent of mycotoxins Mikasil order to give our customers a really effective adsorbent of mycotoxins. Constant search for new solutions in the field of adsorption did Mikasil unquestionably the best adsorbent of mycotoxins!