Scientific and Production Company GLOBUS is the Ukrainian manufacturer of products designed for the selective and efficient adsorption.

The accumulation of a specific research capacity, selection of optimal components, the development of formulations, good production process brought the scientific and production company GLOBUS to the leaders in efficiency and quality of its products. In our work we are guided by the latest achievements of scientists from different countries of the world and Ukraine.


Today, our company is dynamically developing, the sales volume is constantly increasing from year to year. We are constantly working on product efficiency, we are looking for new ways to promote products, so for this we have all the possibilities and potential.

Today the GLOBUS company manufactures products under such well-known trade names like MIKASIL, MIKAMUN, MIKADEZ, MIKASAN, POSIL and others. Our production reveals itself efficient and competitive in different areas of application .



The GLOBUS company develops, produces and sells through its distribution network specialized products of the highest quality for food processing, livestock, construction and oil industries.


By joining forces, knowledge and team of highly skilled experts, we produce high-quality, environmentally-friendly natural products and sell through our distribution network.

The Scientific and Production Company GLOBUS, could develop and start production of the adsorbent for other needs according to your needs.