MIKASAN is disinfectant with broad-spectrum action for treatment rooms both in the absence and in the presence of poultry and animals. Has antimicrobial activity against pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria and fungi, eliminates emission of harmful gases from the litter, binds any extra moisture, has a deodorant effect. Restores sanitary clean and fresh litter and floors.




Recommended for disinfection of rooms covers (all types of floors, litter), which contain livestock and poultry.


Iron sulfate, copper sulfate, chloramine B, volatile oil, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, mineral complex.

Dosages and methods of administration to animals of different species and age groups:

- at low level of pollution– 50 g/m² of room;

- at high level of pollution– 100 g/m² of room.

The first treatment of rooms carry out daily for 2-5 days, a further treatment carry out  once 7 days



MIKASAN safe for animals during pregnancy, lactation and egg production.

MIKASAN not used concurrently with the use of alkaline disinfectants, such as lime, soda ash, baking soda, caustic soda, etc., acidic preservatives and preparations containing live microorganisms.




Shelf life: 24months from date of manufacture

Package: 10 kg paper bags with a plastic liner.

Special precautions for storage: dry, dark place at temperatures from -15 to 30 C.

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