MIKАDEZ – desiccant of litter, dry hygienic means for the improvement of sanitary and hygienic conditions of all kinds of animals and birds.

INDICATIONS : recommended for use when increasing the risk of infections - in the pre- and postnatal periods in transfer of young animals in other areas, as a means of supplementing the pharmacological treatment for diarrhea and dysentery in animals, as well as the fight against the larvae of flies.


  • improvement of sanitary condition of the premises;
  • moisture absorption of more than 250 % of its weight;
  • absorption of ammonia vapor;
  • reducing mortality, diarrhea;
  • reducing the level of bacterial activity;
  • stops the development and causes the death of fly larvae in the litter;
  • promotes rapid drainage and prevents thermal shock;
  • has a warming effect without additional heating;
  • promotes rapid healing of wounds;
  • prevents genital infections;
  • prevents cannibalism.

DESCRIPTION: beige powder with a eucalyptus and pine odor consisting of plant and mineral adsorbents.

COMPOSITION: highly active silicon dioxide (Mitoxil), mineral complex (diatomaceous earth, kaolin, zeolite, montmorillonite), no more than% : SiO2 – 66; Al2O3 – 5; Fe2O3 – 5; MgO – 2; CaO – 5; Na2O+K2O – 2, sorbent of plant origin, methenamine, an essential oil of eucalyptus.

The treatment may be carried out in the presence of animals of any age by uniformly spilling powder in the required volume (less efficiently) or using any special motospray.



MIKADEZ has neither cumulative nor carcinogenic properties, non-toxic, safe for people, animals, equipment and the environment.



Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture.

Package: 10 kg paper bags with a plastic liner.